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SMS turns 20 years old today

"On December 3 1992, engineer Neil Papworth sent the first SMS message to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone. It simply read "Merry Christmas", and Jarvis had no way of replying."

The Short Message Service turns twenty years old today. It's hard for us to consider a world without such common technologies as the SMS and easily accessible mobile communications but think about that statement for a second.

SMS is only twenty years old.

Only twenty years ago a technology came along that has radically changed the way people communicate, in both business and social environments. Think how much harder things would be now if SMS wasn't easily available? The most amazing thing about SMS is that is isn't all that complicated in comparison to most smartphone functionality. SMS is accessible to everyone with a mobile, through a common interface. It doesn't require a special network protocol or data system, it is truly available to everyone, all around the world.

Think about the impact that SMS has had on changing the English language, think of how much English has changed due to the short nature of messaging, look at terms we are all familiar with now (Lol, BRB) that have come around specifically due to human interaction with the SMS technology.

From its humble beginnings things have changed. People are innovators, and they have driven the SMS message on to greater and greater things, like MMS and now modern messaging services like WhatsApp and Skype. These are all essentially driven from the SMS concept.

You can read a lot more information about the background of the SMS here, from the Telegraph:

Or the Guardian:

My thinking is that the mobile landscape is still a very new and exciting environment. The technology landscape is still forming and innovations like SMS are frequent and game changing.

The coolest thing about SMS technology for me? Working for the company that made SMS a reality, and that 4 billion people use every day.

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NHS Launches Blood donor mobile app

I've donate blood for a few years now. I view it as a relatively easy thing to do, that causes no harm to me, and can help save someone life. I won't miss the blood they take, my body will just create more of it naturally, and there is a reward card system where they change the color of your card based on the number of donations (I'm a sucker for any kind of reward based system).

What's the biggest problem with donating blood? Finding and booking a session.

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Blogging and Zombies: 'Feed' by Mira Grant

A few months back I had 'Feed' by Mira Grant recommended to me by Tim Blair ( mainly because it is based on Zombies and Blogging and I'm a fan of both.

This is what I thought of it.

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Apple suing Samsung on the on going patent war

In the last few days the latest court case between Apple and Samsung has kicked into action. This isn't something I'd usually comment on but I am feeling quite annoyed about the continuing trend that has become the technology industry's default stance on competition. What ever happened to innovation?

This isn't so much a discussion on the court case, but more my own view of its impact on us, the consumers.

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