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What does "Invalid Label" mean in a JSON response, and how can I fix it?

I recently build an application that returned a JSON object of data based on a select field value. Whilst I was building this I encountered an error using the JavaScript eval() function on my JSON response. I am using the eval() function to parse a string from my JSON response, but firebug is showing a JavaScript error of "Invalid Label".

This is the code:

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2    jsonResponse = eval(data);
3    var src = jsonResponse.DATA;
4    });

After having a Google around it appears that the eval function is interpreting the first item in the JSON response as a label, rather than data. By changing the code like this:

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1jsonResponse = eval("(" + data + ")");

We are forcing eval to recognise the data as variable data. Now the JSON to string translation works.

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Ben G.'s Gravatar A really good tip. I will make use of it. Did you observe any performance improvement after using it?

I'll note it down, am sure it will be useful for us.
# Posted By Ben G. | 07/07/2010 12:02
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