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New Samsung Galaxy Gear advert shows you how to get the girl

A somewhat bizarre Samsung advert was recently released telling the story of two chaps competing for the attention of a young lady. The one with the Samsung Gear appears to have an advantage over the other in a series of incredibly contrived scenarios.

Its quite un-pc for a modern TV advert from the Telecoms giant. Its also a little bit creepy, what with the covert stalking and picture taking etc.

I've got a Samsung Note 3 and in no way does this entice me to go out and spend £250.00 on a postage stamp sized watch, even if it does make me a wonder with the ladies. Lets be honest, you'd look like a massive nerd, there's no way Samsung is fooling anyone with this advert.

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marchand's Gravatar Wow, that is beneficent model for youngsters specially who need girl and they can get rush essays service and this model of galaxy easily from site. This model is more interesting and beneficent then mobiles of other companies.
# Posted By marchand | 05/01/2016 05:17
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