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Chroma circuit Android game review

I've been waiting for Bowler Hat games Chroma Circuit for a while now. It was demonstrated at Scotch on the Rocks last year, and it looked like quite an innovative mobile puzzle game.

The premise of the game is that you rotate triangles with different coloured sides so that all the sides match up. It's a simple idea, but requires a logical thought process, and a bit of investigation into how to approach each level.

It starts off quite basic, but quickly ramps up to provide more of a challenge.

It's a good little game, I'd be happier with it if it ran in the native Android environment rather than using Adobe AIR, that's only because AIR uses a fair amount of the Android system memory, and memory use is probably my biggest Android issue.


  • It's a good looking game
  • Its fun and engaging
  • Cheap – I bought it for 80 pence (uk)
  • It feels like a quality experience, all the graphics and animations are good


  • No trial download, so very few comments. Its seems to be difficult to reach a mass audience on the Android platform with a trial version.
  • There aren't too many levels at present, hopefully more will be released soon.
  • The biggest issue by far is that the game requires Adobe AIR to be installed.

Chroma circuit

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